Stories From the New American Center

Lalu Mohammad

After coming to America as a young refugee from Myanmar, Lalu was having difficulty entering the American education system due to language and cultural differences. The New American Center was just the right fit for him. Although Lalu had learned English since his arrival in the U.S., he needed to find a way to learn to read and write English that would move at his pace and give him the skills needed for employment as soon as possible. Working with Elizabeth, his volunteer ESL tutor, Lalu has been able to work on his English skills and after a few months he is ready to join a group class at the NAC.

In addition to working on his English skills, Lalu has volunteered as a youth program worker at the NAC and found employment in the Summer Youth Program over the past year. Overall, the NAC has been a great help in getting Lalu to a place where he can begin to accelerate his progress towards his goal of citizenship and independence.

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