Elder Services

This program brings together refugee service providers and elder service providers to ensure refugees who are 60 years of age and older are gaining access to mainstream services for the elderly. We utilize our bilingual and bicultural workers to provide outreach to multi-ethnic groups of newly-arrived elderly refugees. We serve elderly clients from the former Soviet Union, Iraq, and Bhutan, among others. In cooperation with our interpreters and clients’ children and families, elders are accompanied to appointments, assisted with applications, and provided with translations.

Through community building, educational programs, and case management, we assist elderly refugees in becoming more connected to their community to prevent them from living in isolation and experiencing its negative effects. This effort ensures the well-being, safety, quality of life, and survival of elderly refugees. Some of the services provided in regards to this population include:

  • Case management and development of individualized service plans
  • Providing translation and interpretation services
  • Providing referral for social services and helping to access benefits
  • Provide access to social groups, volunteer, and employment opportunities
  • Organize integrational cultural and community events
  • Increase the awareness of community elderly service providers of the needs of elderly refugees
  • Provide citizenship assistance

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