COVID-19 Education Program

COVID-19 Education Program

Since November of 2020, NAAM has been receiving the Massachusetts COVID-19 Community Grant. This grant program is disbursed by Health Resources in Action (HRIA). Its main goal, is to enable NAAM to be able to provide much needed educational information to our immigrant populations about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this program, NAAM has been able to host educational presentations given by health care professionals to talk about COVID-19 mitigation strategies and vaccine research. NAAM has also developed translated videos and other forms of media to engage with the surrounding immigrant communities and inform them of the importance of COVID-19 mitigation strategies. An enormous piece to this program’s functionality was the hiring of TWO Vaccine Outreach personnel. Their role has been to engage with community members to have productive conversation surrounding the vaccine. As a result, NAAM has been able to provide transportation services, translation services, and have personally accompanied clients to their vaccine appointments to support them in something that can be naturally difficult to navigate.

In addition to this, this grant has also enabled NAAM to enhance its food delivery program that serves approximately 200-220 people weekly by providing flyers with updated COVID-19/vaccine information and essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

All in all, through this grant, NAAM has strived and will continue to strive towards educating and informing our immigrant communities about COVID-19 and the vaccine even in the midst of this fast changing world.

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