Case Management at the New American Center

The goal of NAAM’s case management program is to help newly arrived refugees and immigrants overcome barriers to successful integration and gain self-sufficiency on all levels, including financial independence.

This requires ensuring that clients understand what services and resources are available, such as a homelessness prevention programs, social benefits, utility discount programs, health and behavioral health services and employment assistance. The goal of the case management program at NAAM is to educate new immigrants on how to access these services independently and navigate the infrastructure of their surroundings.

Our case management program addresses the following needs of refugee and immigrant clients:

  1. Social Services and Family Support
  2. Community-based Translation and Interpretation
  3. Referral to Mainstream Services
  4. Outreach, Screening, and Referral of Asylees and Secondary Migrants
  5. Community Education
  6. Cultural Education for Mainstream Service Providers, as well as the community-at-large.

Specific areas of support with concrete goals include:

Service coordination: locating providers for medical, dental or mental health needs

Symptom management: compliance with medical or mental health treatment

Daily Living Skills: home cleanliness, managing appointments, budgeting and money management

Resource management: locating English classes, refugee and immigrant resources, legal aid, domestic violence survivor resources, enrolling in education programs, locating employment support and appropriate after-school programs for children or day programs for adults

Food shopping and nutrition class

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