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AmeriCorps at NAAM

Every year, a United Way AmeriCorps Fellow provides qualified, driven, full-time community service and works to help meet critical needs in our refugee community.

About our 2019-2020 Volunteer

Rouaa Ahmad

United Way North Shore AmeriCorps Program

Rouaa Ahmad is an AmeriCorps volunteer at NAAM with United Way’s North Shore AmeriCorps Program. Rouaa started her involvement with the organization as a middle school student, when she first arrived to the United States as a refugee from Iraq. After high school, she went on to pursue higher education from Salem State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After exploring other opportunities, Rouaa returned to NAAM, the place where she first began her journey in the U.S. Rouaa hopes to continue providing support for immigrant youth so that they can thrive in their new home.

More about AmeriCorps and the United Way AmeriCorps Fellowship:

AmeriCorps is a national community service program that gives people an opportunity to apply their skills and ideals towards helping others and meeting critical needs in the community. The United Way AmeriCorps Fellowship is an innovative education program that places 30 AmeriCorps in schools and nonprofit organizations throughout Lynn, Salem, and Gloucester, MA. Fellows are trained to provide structured tutoring and mentoring support to English Learners, helping them succeed academically and develop social-emotional skills (communication, critical thinking, self-awareness, etc.). Fellows serve with their host sites, either in a school or community based nonprofit, supporting English learners grades K-12 depending on host site.

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