Important Information about Meals at My Brother’s Table

The Table will be open for free meals every day.

Monday through Friday, we will be open from 12-6 continuously. To-go coffee will be available from 12-6.

To-go meals will be served only.  There is no eating in the dining room.  Lunch type meals will be available from 12 until 4 (sandwiches and soup) and hot dinners will be available from 4-6.

Please note, we will be closing at 6:00 during the week, earlier than before, people are welcome to pick up their meals at any time to eat later. 

You may also pick up meals for your family/neighbors if necessary.

On weekends, to-go meals will be served from 2-4:30.  These meals will be a hot meal plus a bagged breakfast.  There will be no eating in the dining room.

We will be moving guests through the dining room to pick up meals and we ask that if there is a line, please keep at least two arms lengths between you and the next person in line.  We will be open for extended hours and people should be able to come when there is no line.

If you are not feeling well, please have a friend or neighbor pick up your meals for you.