Food Distribution Program

In partnership with My Brother’s Table (MBT),, NAAM has been conducting food delivery program for immigrants and refugees residing on the North Shore since very first days of Pandemic.  Food as well as hygiene products, paper goods and other supplies are delivered weekly to people in need. 

Early mornings on Thursdays an MBT truck brings food boxes, fresh produce, protein and other products to the MBT site in Lynn. Volunteers and staff members from NAAM meet the truck at the MBT site to help to unload it and load a van with the items to be distributed among NAAM’s clients and students. The van then drives the to the Clifton Lutheran Church in Marblehead,, where group of dedicated volunteers unload it, sort, pack and prepare packages for deliveries.  With every delivery we make an effort to communicate with our clients individually by including to their boxes educational information on nutrition, culturally appropriate healthy recipes, information about local resources, COVID related materials, information about vaccination, etc., translated to the most common languages, paper goods, hygiene products, other supplies on requests. 

Bags are delivered to people’s home by recruited drivers as well as those who would like to volunteer their time to help others. 

We are bringing food to very low income people, those who struggle with making their ends meet, who have to choose between paying their bills and buying food, those who are new in the country, and for specific reasons are not able to utilize other resources in the community (recent immigrants and refugees: elderly and disabled, isolated individuals and families without social support, single mothers, families with multiple children, who lost their income and do not have other resources available to them). 

NAAM is forever grateful to our devoted volunteers who come to help us, rain or shine, to do the heavy lifting, driving, sorting, packing and baking and make sure our families and individuals have food on their tables every day. NAAM is forever grateful to our faithful partner, My Brother’s Table,,which is carrying a heavy duty on ordering food, adjusting it to our changing needs, sharing transportation, resources, caring about  food insecurity deeply and profoundly. NAAM is forever grateful to James Bixby , Pastor at the Clifton Lutheran Church in Marblehead,,for welcoming us to the spacious room in the church and tolerating our noisy and messy presence every Thursday for greater good! We are forever grateful to the St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Marblehead,, for providing NAAM with financial support to buy more fresh food for the families we serve, offering assistance during the hardest months of pandemic, and most importantly introducing us to the group of the most compassionate, warm hearted and dedicated members of its congregation who are still on board with us caring about our clients as volunteers. Thank you, staff members, Nadav Havusha, Matthew Alaniz, Israel  Rijo, Syed Ali Achakzai for your hard work to feed the hungry! Dulany Alexander, your thoughtfulness, organizational skills, and patience continue driving us forward to provide care and food. Thank you, city of Lynn,, Essex County Community Foundation,, and Leading Through Empowering Opportunities,, for providing us with essential financial support to continue our fight with the food insecurity in our community! And last, but certainly not the least, thank you, NAAM Board of Directors, for your forward thinking and continuous support of the Food Delivery Initiative! 


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