English Language Training for Integration (ELT-I)

English Language Training for Integration program will address these needs by providing an ELT model that is specifically directed at those clients who are not solely focused on seeking employment, which integrates their preexisting interests and skills, and utilizes a hands-on, experiential learning paradigm.

Classes will be offered in high-interest areas including art, music, yoga and English Language through Phone Apps and Online Games. Students will participate in project-based learning which strengthens their English speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as allowing them to share their knowledge, demonstrate their talents, and collaborate with their classmates. Projects will help students explore essential topics, such as financial literacy, life skills, and civic engagement in a relevant and tangible context. Learning will also be taken outside of the classroom via trips to various local historical and cultural sites, which will both directly tie to their class content but also give students an understanding of the community they are becoming part of.

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