About the New American Association of Massachusetts

Our Mission

The mission of the New American Association of Massachusetts (NAAM) is to assist newly arriving refugees and immigrants with integration into American society, to promote economic stability , to build bridges with the larger community, and to foster the maintenance of refugees’ and immigrants’ cultural identities.

In support of this mission, NAAM pursues the following goals:

  1. To educate newcomers about American society and culture;
  2. To promote civic participation and engagement with the larger community;
  3. To provide much-needed social services, advocacy, and economic development assistance, and to facilitate access to mainstream social services;
  4. To provide avenues for learning, cultural expression and cultural outreach.

History of the Organization

The New American Association of Massachusetts, former name Russian Community Association of Massachusetts (RCAM), was founded in 1991 by refugees from the Former Soviet Union who resettled in Massachusetts and were determined to help others fleeing religious and political persecution in the former USSR.

In 2018 due the significant change in the demographics of the population served RCAM changed its name to the New American Association of Massachusetts (NAAM).

NAAM conducts an ESL school which will develop a site-specific curriculum and provide skilled instructors to coordinate and implement this program. At the present time, NAAM is working closely with other agencies as part of the New American Center (NAC) to provide social services and economic development opportunities.

Current services include: ESL classes, comprehensive employment and post employment services, case management, information and referral, basic computer training, translating and interpreting services, health education, assistance to apply for Citizenship and ESL/Civics Educational Programming, volunteer tutoring, after school and summer youth programs, cultural programming, housing mediation, and crisis counseling.

NAAM is recognized by Board of Immigration Appeals to conduct immigration programs and members of NAAM’s staff are accredited to practice immigration law as authorized representatives.

NAAM is a leading agency at The New American Center (NAC), which is a collaboration of five community based organizations: Bosnian Community Center for Resource Development, Congolese Development Center, Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center and Southern Sudanese Solidarity Organization.

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