Diana M. Staco-Millery, Case Manager & Haitian Creole Interpreter Employment Support Services Program (ESSP)


Born and raised in Haiti, Diana migrated to the United States as a foreign student 45 years ago, eventually settling down, getting married, and raising a family. Over the years, Diana  embraced the U.S. as my home and became a resident of Lynn in 2004. Throughout her life, her unwavering passion has been to assist others, leading her to a fulfilling career as a Special Education administrative assistant in a nearby school district.

With the recent significant influx of Haitian migrants in the Lynn community, she recognized an opportunity to further contribute and decided to join the New American Association of Massachusetts (NAAM) as a part-time Haitian interpreter. The impact of this work was so rewarding that, after nine months, she made the decision to retire from my full-time position at the school. Now, she proudly serves as a permanent Employment Specialist at NAAM helping newly arrived migrants enter the current market’s workforce.

As part of a dedicated team, she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of many clients. The collective desire to tap into all available resources fuels our commitment to helping each immigrant achieve their dreams. The New American Association of Massachusetts is not just an organization; it’s a force dedicated to transforming aspirations into reality for the individuals we serve.